Friday, 13 June 2014

Another Successful Picnic in the Park

Sorry blog, I forgot all about you! Time to play catch up.
Our annual Picnic in the Park went wonderfully well. You know it's no big deal really, just a low-key, fun day in the park. We put on some stuff, the sun shines, families turn up and have a picnic and a bit of craic, families go home tired but happy, we clean up, game over. But here's the thing: it works! And that is why we will continue to have an end of Summer Picnic in the Park. Well at least until it stops being fun.
As usual the day would not be the success it is if it were not for various individuals and groups giving so freely of their time. So let me say A BIG THANK YOU to the submersibles, The Ocelots, the krew, DJ Cullie, Red Moon (puppet shows and arts zone), Menapians A.C., Wexford Celtic, St John's Volunteers GAA Club, artist Helen McLean, Arnold's break-dancing crew, yoga teacher Eileen Rowe (and her hoola-hoopers!). Thanks, also, to The Order of Malta and Health & Safety Officer Davy Martin. And a final thank you to the Council for its continued support.

Check out The Ocelots in this short video posted on Facebook.

And enjoy this slideshow showing images from the day:

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