Thursday, 11 February 2016

Time for Action!

We had a very productive meeting last night at which we discussed improvements we want to bring to Redmond Park. Apart from local residents the meeting was attended by representatives of Wexford in Bloom, Wexford Tidy Towns, Future-Proof Wexford, the arts community, event organisers, local business and the Council.
The meeting heard how, while Councillors had voted last year to invest in improvements at the park, the executive says that the proposed new park at Killeens is their priority. 
We say that it makes more sense to maintain and properly manage the only formal park the town has before developing any new park. 
We also say that since the Council has decided to stall, indefinitely, on developing a new park at Carcur there is much more incentive to make necessary improvements at Redmond Park. Apart from the large catchment area served by the park, the fact that it is such a short distance from town centre means it is hugely accessible for families visiting town. 
There were many interesting suggestions at the meeting as to how the park might be improved including a new play-ground, a teens area, a skateboard structure, an exercise circuits loop, restoration of the pond and the old French drain, nurturing the park's biodiversity side and creating a dog-walking area. There was general agreement that the park should be expanded to include the adjoining area at the Parklands corner. 
The meeting decided that, before making any decisions on what works to proceed with, Love Redmond Park and the Council should engage the services of engineers and designers so as to produce a workable and affordable plan, this plan to cover all aspects of any proposed redevelopment.
A Love Redmond Park delegation is meeting with the relevant Director of Services at Wexford County Council to kick-start the process.
The year 2017 is an important one for Redmond Park as it is the anniversary of the death of Major Willie Redmond. Love Redmond Park would very much like to make that a year to remember.