Tuesday, 24 May 2011

"Andrea Woz 'Ere"

"People writing graffiti here will be executed. If you agree please sign below." We spotted that in the playground this evening. And we removed it, along with many more less inspired scribblings. WBC provided us with cans of magic spray which we figured would make the graffiti dissolve before our eyes. If only. Suffice to say that much elbow grease was applied. Still we got rid of most of the nastier stuff. All in all a good evening's work.
Our Town Sargeant arrived to lock the park gates around 8pm. While we give him 10/10 for locking the gates we cannot be so generous regarding his efforts to ensure the park is vacated first. This evening he left two small parties of revellers inside. Even the sight of a big 1/2 German Shepherd, 1/2 Alsatian dog, belonging to one of the parties, racing around the park did nothing to trigger a more proactive approach from the keeper of the key. With this laissez-faire attitude we really have no choice but to push for a lockable gate at the Parklands corner of the park, this being the only entry/exit point for the public when the main gates are locked.

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