Monday, 23 May 2011

Boules, Skate-boarding and Rounders at the Park

 The park has had a sleepy feel to it thusfar this year with nature pretty much having a free run at doing what it does in it's own quiet way. However, with the arrival of Summer the place is becoming more alive. The playground is much busier at weekends; the skate-boarders are there every evening using the park benches in their manoeuvres (an awful pity the skate-board park proposed for here was never actually brought in); there are regular soccer games on the top lawn; and just yesterday there was a mammoth game of rounders in the same space. Meanwhile the weekly sessions of boules continue as normal.
 The weekly clean-up on Wednesday mornings (9.15am) is making a real difference. On one particularly productive outing bags of old cans and bottles were removed from the pond area. A couple of other volunteers have been pressure hosing the front walls, pillars and gates with spectacular results. Weather permitting cleaning, sanding and painting of benches and gates will commence this week (from 6pm each evening). We would like to have the place looking well for "European Neighbours Day" on Friday (May 27).
 The "No Alcohol" and "No Dogs" signs should also be going up at the front gates in the week ahead. To be honest there have not been too many infringements in these areas of late. I think the message is getting through!
 We noticed, to our delight, a small yellow-breasted bird using one of the bird boxes during the week. Keep your eyes peeled and report back any sightings. Now if only we could get water back in the pond and ducks back on the water we would be made!

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